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Just finished "It was Food vs. Me and I won." by Nancy Goodman.

I think the first half of the book is pretty good in terms of realizing that it isnt about food. She delays talking about how she eats now because she doesnt want people to think of this as "another diet and if I copy how she eats I'll be successful". She doesnt have chapter names because of that too.

When she got to the part where she actually talks about what she eats ...well it kind of fell apart for me. I dont find her current eating habits all that healthy and especially her advice to eat 50%-75% of normal calories the day following a binge. While it is an improvement over her old "try not to eat anything at all" its still seems like punishing herself for binging.

The book was also much more coherent when she was talking about the past than the present. I think she isnt done with her self-work and that may be why.

Worth maybe a checkout from the library for the first half, but probably nothing earth shattering that other books dont say as well.
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