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My husband and I were discussing this very topic - what is the distinction between individuality and an anternative lifestyle - and the conflicting needs to express individuality and conformity. Especially in the teen years, being a non-conformist - often means finding a non-standard group to conform to. If you're truly unique, you're just a freak.

It's funny sometimes how people sometimes see us as direct opposites, and others say how much alike we are. I think we're opposite sides of the same coin. My husband looks like a freak, a huge 6'2" biker-viking, though he neither owns a motorcycle or is of Scandinavian descent it is the impression he gives, with his waist-length auburn, now graying, hair and his obnoxious t-shirts such as "I'm big, you're small, have a nice day.... or I love my wiener (and a picture of a dachshund)... and yet he is the most morally and religiously conservative (yet tolerant) person I know. I on the other hand, look pretty "straight" and yet have a very weird (or to be flattering, eclectic) way of looking at the world. We both love sci fi, the Chieftains (I love celtic music from the instrumental "Enya" type to bawdy drinking songs, my husband is just an all-around music buff), animated "G" movies (and even better if they have thinly veiled adult references from the classic, even sappy old-movie nods in WallE to the adult humor in Shrek)...

My husband made this very astute and profound statement - "basically I just came to realize I am the only normal and sane person on the planet - and the rest of you all are just crazy freaks."
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