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Lauren H... Congrats.. your doing wonderfully.......

. I have been on 4 different plans.. trying out the ones that work and the ones that don't.. I was on the PFFS.. for a long time.. then needed a break from the food and am now on Bistro..... the people at PFFS are great.. I do miss them.. I liked that the food was really in line with the Glycemic index and that so much was whole grains and good food products.. They need to expand the options a little and chg up the snacks, things I told them directly.
. That is what finally got me to chg to another plan.. I still have a few meals in the freezer that I pull out and use and really like.. I had the Turkey Bolengnese(sp) last night and it was really good.
I had some good weight loss on the plan and always tell people about it
Good luck with the ongoing meal plan........who know I may be back on PFFS sooner than later.. I like to switch up to add variety to the plans.

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