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Originally Posted by girl81 View Post
Awesome! What is an average menu for you?

Let's see. Well, I don't love breakfast. I find it the most difficult meal of the day so I eat just enough to take my vits/minerals.

Here's a typical day.


Some nuts
2 slices American cheese


6 oz. tuna w/mayo & a hard-boiled egg mashed in it. (Very few carbs as I don't want the gas at work). Other days it's 1/2 sandwich with 2 kinds of meat, cheese and mayo. (I save the other 1/2 for another meal). If it's not enough protein I'll drink a protein bullet. However, with the 2 kinds of meat and cheese and what I eat the rest of the day it's usually ok.

Snacks throughout the day:

Cheese (I cut it up and bring it usually)


2 turkey burgers w/catsup. I love catsup
I don't love vegetables so you'll rarely see them. I've been that way my whole life.

Also, I've always been a picky eater (hard to believe, isn't it, with a MO person )

Snacks for the evening:

SF candy
1/2 bagel with butter or cream cheese
Chips or pretzels (esp. when I'm trying to put on some weight)
SF fudicle

Since it takes me 2 sittings to eat lunch & dinner I don't always have room for a lot of snacks.

How 'bout you? What do you eat?

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