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Question Good and Bad...

I did LAWL and lost 30 lbs, but I have since gained it all back. I had good and bad experiences. I lost the weight, I liked the 3 days a week initially to ensure I followed the program, I liked eating regular foods, and The cost was similar to WW but had more support. The starting cost does include the scale, the recipe book (the recipes are good), some samples...enough to get you started off in the right direction.

I did not mind eating the bars, they were good to put in my purse. However, I did not learn to maintain my weight without the bars... it was like I was set up to keep buying the bars for life.

I could never get the same girl and I would have to explain the same issue over and over again - I dont' eat meat. I lost all the weight eating chicken and milk (as protein). When I finished the program I stopped with the chicken and milk and the weight started to come back, because I was taught no suitable replacement for the meat or la bars.
Then I moved across the country and fell off the diet completely (a month eating-out will do it). I went into a LAWL out here to start up again and the program had changed...more protein and starches, less fruit, Arghhh. I joined up again without the bars this time. I lasted 2 weeks.
The ladies could not get it through their heads that I did not eat meat and while could tolerate a little chicken, it could not be every meal. I was told 'chicken would be my friend. I had a lady suggest Turkey sausage instead of meat!?? Each time it was another meat fight. I gave up due to lack of support and understanding.

I have found the program is not good for people who eat little meat, the vegetarian recipes are mostly starches, fruits and veggies. I feel the staff should be better educated on nutrition and other options, and less pushy on the pills, bars and snacks - in the real world we cannot always have these things.
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