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Well here's another newbie post!

First name (if you want to tell): Alfie
Meaning of user name: Hmm just a little self motivation
Geographical location: Ireland
Age: 20
Marital Status: Not married.
Occupation: Student
Pets: none
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, seeing friends, watching my fave movies, love anything involving music, losing weight (hehe)...
Height: 5'4"
Eye/Hair Color: blue/black
Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: Today,no turning back!
Starting Weight/Present/Goal Weight: 200/200/133
Problem: Overeating, bingeing, negativity, depression.
Plan/Way of Eating: Sensible and healthy,3 nutritious, meals 2 healthy snacks.
Favorite exercise: Walking/cycling
Favorite movies: Hmm pulp fiction, anything Seth Brogan touches, the painted veil, almost anything Tim Burton touches, Monty Python stuff, basically anything funny or scary with a half decent script/plot...
Favorite books: King Lear, pride and prejudice, 1984, animal farm, love autobiographies too, especially music(ian) related.
Music: The doors, Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones, strokes, AC/DC, Ray Lamontagne, MM, Bowie, Dylan, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen etc.
Favorite Quote(s): "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger"
Favorite People (dead and living): John Lennon, JFK, Nelson Mandela, Jim Morrison, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, My family (love em!), my friends, my lovely boyfriend, and anyone who makes a positive impact in the world!
People I can’t stand: Selfish people, materialistic people, liars, cheaters, politicians, b*****s, know-it-alls...
Places you’ve been: Paris, Milan, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Bratislava, Amsterdam, San Diego, Orlando, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Manchester and Wales.
Places you want to visit: London, Dubai, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Tokyo, Brazil, Venice, India, Malaysia and many many more (",)

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