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The only thing that is really forbidden here in the forum is political talk...and that is because people tend to get REALLY defensive about it, and it causes a lot of messes for the mods and administration to clean up.

As far as religion goes, religion isn't banned here...we have sections devoted to just that-Faith Based Groups, Paganchicks, etc. Some of the mods and administrators have different faiths, and we are all very respectful of that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone mentioning that they are Pagan, Jewish, Baptist, or whatever and mentioning their holidays or events in passing....only when someone becomes "preachy" to others.

I would not consider anything wishy-washy about that...we are primarily a diet and fitness support site, and we try to keep the focus on THAT aspect of our lives...rather than going into politics, etc. There are thousands of other sites focused on that if that is what people want to discuss.

I don't call it wishy-washy...I call it keeping focused on the primary purpose of the forum.

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