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Hey everyone!

Thanks, Linda, for starting this thread. Maybe this is just what we all need...just support.

I've been in an odd place the last month. My weight has gone up about 5 lbs; I know I've gotten lazy, but even when I feel like I'm doing good, I can't get the scale to do much of anything. I get annoyed, say screw it, what is the point? And then here I all caught up and now I don't know what to follow, what to do differently. I've been trying to add more fiber to my diet; that does seem to help some. I've been trying to pack my lunch at work, and that has helped some. I just have to take it day by day.

I'm in the same boat as everyone else...I'm "sort of" following ww. I don't journal, don't count my points. I know point values for everything, and I still go grocery shopping with my points calculator. Before each meal or snack I figure out what the point value is going to be and determine if it is worth it, if I can "afford" it.

I've come to the realization that I have a true love-hate relationship with food. I love food. Not just eating...I love to LOOK at food. I scour the internet, magazines, cookbooks, whatever for pictures of food. I'm mainly looking for dessert ideas for work, but it has truly become a "thing" for me. I hate how comfortable I've become at work around food. Some days I really have self control and am able to avoid the b-l-t's, but other days are HARD!

Anyway, I am glad that we have a new beginning here with this thread. It really does feel like "old times" again!

Have a great night all!

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