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TGIF! Hi Linda,Ann,Haylo and evrybody else outhere!! I weighed this morning and I'm back down to 196 and I'm pretty happy!!! I think maybe my self conscience new I was gonna lose my weight and get to my mini week goal and that MUST be why I bid on a purse and phone on ebay and won!!! I treated my self without even knowing it!!! But I have to say I really don't do that all the time...I think it's cause I was down cause DH was in Florida all week and I was bored....and I was kinda mad at him too...the other day we kinda got into it over a phone...I really need one...mine is being held together by a phone cover and it goes out for no reason sometimes .....I wanted this phone,it was "ON SALE" for 299 and he still said it was high and flat out "no" like he's my daddy....well these past few weeks I've been trying to play secret santa and I've got an upholstery job pending(reall good money)...and I was planning on buying DH a guitar for Christmas... I could've gotten the phone free with contract but he said "no",but anyway I looked at him and said " I can't believe I was gonna buy you a 1500 dollar guitar,and nevermind,I'll get me a phone,without your help" it really changed his toon,then he started asking me about signing a contract and everystuff....I really didn't want anything to do with him for 4 days...then he went to Florida and I don't know,sometimes I feel like I care more than he does...I happen to think he's worth it...but he doesn't think..I am...or that's the impression I get sometimes...but apperently it didn't sink in because when I won this phone off of ebay he didn't offer to help and I even asked him..and he laughed....oh well......atleast I can say that I got the dern thing on my own.....but he still paid 20 on my purse...he found that out this morning when he was looking in his check book hehehe Well I guess I'll go,I gotta lotta nothin' to do Ya'll have a great weekend!!
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