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Great to hear back from so many of you right away! Feels like "old times".
I thought of you guys tonight. It was a rough day with lots of crazy and unexpected twists. I went to a wake this afternoon, which was rather sad as a friend's son died. No parent should outlive their child.
So, after that some volunteer work and then I was driving home well after my normal dinner time, starving. I drove by MacDonald's, I drove by Burger King, and several other tempting places that would be a "quick fix".
You know what? I got home to some chicken, string beans and a 2 point (still using points as a reference) roll with lite margarine. It was filling and it was so much more of a healthier choice than a burger and fries. I wanted to just grab something as it would have been easy to do, but I am glad. What kept me going was thinking about all of you and how I just started this new thread and how I do still want very much to succeed.
What NSVs were in your day, if any?
Any good recipes that you have tried since we last spoke?
Linda in NH

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Plaistow NH
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