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Great to hear back from so many of you right away! Feels like "old times".
I thought of you guys tonight. It was a rough day with lots of crazy and unexpected twists. I went to a wake this afternoon, which was rather sad as a friend's son died. No parent should outlive their child.
So, after that some volunteer work and then I was driving home well after my normal dinner time, starving. I drove by MacDonald's, I drove by Burger King, and several other tempting places that would be a "quick fix".
You know what? I got home to some chicken, string beans and a 2 point (still using points as a reference) roll with lite margarine. It was filling and it was so much more of a healthier choice than a burger and fries. I wanted to just grab something as it would have been easy to do, but I am glad. What kept me going was thinking about all of you and how I just started this new thread and how I do still want very much to succeed.
What NSVs were in your day, if any?
Any good recipes that you have tried since we last spoke?
Linda in NH

Trying to make a new commitment. Trying to get on track...I need help.

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Plaistow NH
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