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Barb and Sarry great to hear from you all again.
It's kind of funny that many of us who were tried and true WW memebers have moved away from it. I'm not saying I won't ever go back there, but I don't think I need it. I sure paid them hundreds, even thousands, of dollars, and I thank them for teaching me. I'm ready to spread my own wings and fly. I need to see if I can be on my own and work this through.
Barb, congrats on getting back to running and trying again.
Sassy, that tracker of yours is amazing, you are getting so close and you are truly doing it! I'm so very proud of you.

For today, I'm doing this one day at a time thing, I guess. I have a VERY busy day, a quilt group in the morning and a wake (very sad, a friend's son died) and then working for the political group of my choice (no affiliation ought to be mentioned here for sure). Meals might be scetchy and I think I need some planning ahead. I'll try but it's going to be crazy.
I actually blew off an on line quilt group I've been part of for a long time recently. It was habit and taking up lots of time. I can use that time more wisely and perhaps for meal planning or exercise? We'll see.
One thing that I might say, if I were to give out (and take my own) advice today is to look at how you are spending your time. If something you do regularly (not a paying job as we all need money) is no longer rewarding, you need to cut your losses and get out of it. If it's not "good" for you at this time in your life, deal with it and move on.
I guess that could be said for weight loss programs?

So, aside from a busy day, I can think ahead to things that I will do for myself that are positive. I'm thinking about getting my hair highlighted. That might be fun and give me a brighter perspective.
Hey world, it's me again, I want to be part of it all and have fun!
Linda in NH

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