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Linda~ Hey Woman!!!!! I saw your thread in the weight loss support forum I'm posting in and thought "Could it be?" and it was it was you!!!!I've missed ya girlfriend!!! But it was moved I've gotten away from weight watchers also...actually like a looooooong time ago,I just enjoyed talking to everybody there and was still losing the you I am trying to make better choices and I have actually thought about getting back to WW but I don't like having to keep up with everything I'm just trying my own thing....watching this and that trying to do water... and a bunch of us have a thread called Christmas goal setting and alot of people have come on there to set their goal... mine is 185.....I hope I can do it
Anyway girl...I'll be back if ya like...I left the thread over in WW cause nobody was coing back....I guess all got busy and it's really hard to support yourself and that's basically what I was doing....talking to myself!!!LOL So I'll talk later!!! I'm watching a phone on ebay and it ends at 8:30!!!Be Back
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Going No Miles An Hour, But I'm Still Getting Somewhere


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