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Default New Beginnings - Supporting Each Other on Our Weight Loss Journey

Hi there people!
I used to be on a thread called "Supporting Each Other on Our Weight Loss Journey over in the Weight Watchers area of 3FC.
I've been away for awhile and have been trying to focus on something other than Weight Watchers, and weight loss in general. Kind of fed up with "programs" as I was almost feeling as if being constantly preoccupied with food, points and all that stuff was taking away from my JOY in life.
I still think Weight Watchers is wonderful, make no mistake, and I owe a great deal to them, BUT, I have to try to do this on my own for awhile. I need to see if what I learned about making proper and healthy choices for myself is something I can do without writing everything down, without worrying about points and all the rigmarole that goes along with any kind of program.
It's been an interesting couple of months for me. I've not been here on this web site and I've been just seeing if I can do something on my own.
I've lost about 3 or 4 pounds. I'm not getting on and off the scale all day, every day and freaking out. I'm relaxing more and if I "blow it" on one day, I'm not feeling remorse and punishing myself. I'm just moving on and moving on easily.
I'm hoping there are some others like me out there and maybe some of my old friends are still here and will try to encourage each other here.
Hugs to all, it's nice to be here once again.
Linda in NH
Linda in NH

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Plaistow NH
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