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I love that your goal is to still have curves. It's not something you hear as often as you should, I notice it's more of a southern thing but I commend you on it. (I also don't want to be a stick I'm thinking 8 or 6).

Anyways a lot of us try and come at least daily ... I think for me it's a way to replace my emotional eating if I'm having a bad day I come here and vent rather then stuffing my face with ice cream or other junk food.

When I was in undergrad my last two years I carried full course loads and worked two jobs (totally 40 hours of work a week). Yeah my eating was crappy and my exercise was not in existance. Now I'm in law school, working two internships and still taking a full course load but I make time to eat right, plan my meals and exercise. Since I graduated I lost all of my weight so hopefully that helps you get on plan.
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