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Wow almost 90lbs thats amazing!!! Very inspirational!! How long did it take you to get the weight off? And was ur typical food menu a day.. like an example of what you ate on any given day? And what kind of exercise did you do?

Yes, I think every college student puts on weight.. I don't know one of my friends that hasn't gained weight at some point well in college.. I've maintanced my weight for the most part after the huge gain when I was 20.. I was depressed enough already I didn't want to gain anymore lol... but now that I'm on my hyprothyroidism meds I've stopped gaining weight thank the lord.. but it's tough to lose or rather it just comes off a bit slower.. I'm actually thinking about going back to the doctor and getting re-tested to make sure it's the proper dose.. some people have told me they were feeling better but when they got re-tested turned out they needed a higher dose.. but anyways.. I've never tried to remove wheat and gluten from my diet.. maybe I'm stick to weight watchers but take out some of that and see if it makes a difference.. I would love to drop 100lbs but this time next year or at least get back to my high school weight of 165lbs.. and that would be me losing 75lbs which seems a be easier.. 100 is just such a huge number kind of scary.. but anyways I need to be getting be bed if I can sleep...

Tomorrow is my first weigh-in day I'm hoping I haven't gained.. that's my only goal for this week bc I messed up this weekend so I wasn't expecting a big weight loss..
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