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I took Phentermine and Fenflouromene (Phen-Phen) back in the 90's. I lost 55lbs in a very short amount of time (from 195 to 145 on my 5'5 frame). I looked GREAT and went from a sz. 16 jean to a sz. 9-10. Gained every ounce (and then some) back after I stopped taking them when I was trying to start a family. I never renewed my prescrip for Fen after the first time...just for the Phentermine, because it seemed to work better. NO APPETITE on Phentermine. NONE! I would literally forget to eat--I kid you not. My current doctor is reluctant to prescribe phentermine, or I would be on it again--I admit. Side effects I encountered with Phentermine were: extreme dry mouth, extreme energy, occasional heart palpitations, insomnia and a sense of feeling "high" all the time. I felt great and most importantly...IN CONTROL of my eating habits. I did not have any issues with losing the weight so fast. I was under doctor supervision the entire time. The only thing is, you WILL gain weight back after you stop taking it. It's a temporary fix unfortunately. Like everyone else here, I've tried just about every diet pill, diet, and exercise regime out there. The only real way to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF (most important) is to watch your calories and EXERCISE. Then comes the hard part: maintaining your new desired weight. I'm a classic yo-yo dieter. I always tell my friends it's easy to lose weight when you set your mind to it, but it's even harder to be able to KEEP IT OFF.
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