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Thumbs up Way to Go!!!

You look amazing and I give admire you for your weight loss. I am down a bit over lbs 10 and had a hard time to get rid of it.
We are going to see more pics of you in the future. And I am sure you will make then look great
"Happy or sad, rich or poor, it's still better being thin!
Even if you want to be miserable today, it's better to be thin and miserable than fat and miserable.
Anyway you look at it, thin comes out ahead!"

from The Thin Commandments Diet book

March/08 142 * Aug/09 129 * Sept/09 123
Oct/09 121 * Nov/09 120 * Jan/10 - 132!!!
Just came from a vacation... Now I have to undo the damage
Feb/10 130 * March/10 125 * October/10 127
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