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Coming late to the discussion, but I just finished the book. I finished it, including this chapter, while lying in a hospital bed for 3 days. I went to the ER (because our town doesn't have an Urgent Care and my doc was gone for the day) because of weird burning that was resonating up from my stomach to my heart. They admitted me because my father, obese, died 4 years older than I am now of a heart attack. Once they ruled out the heart as a problem (my heart is actually stellar thanks to the last year of hard work), every suspicion they had was somehow connected to my former weight and how hard dramatic weight loss is on the body (of course, much better than obesity and than weight gain, but the idea is never to get fat in the first place). One theory was a gallbladder attack and/or gallstones. They did indeed find gall stones, typical in people who lose a lot of weight relatively quickly. This was not the cause of the pain, though. The theory that ended up being the cause is that the pain medicine I took following hernia surgery this summer caused an ulcer that was inflamed this past week by stress. The test confirmed this theory, although it is actually 3 ulcers. The hernia was one that developed when I was morbidly obese, but that neither the doctor nor I could feel until the weight surrounding it was manageable.

My long-winded point is was a hard chapter for me to believe while lying in a hospital bed with an ailment that is the direct result of having been morbidly obese and then of having lost a lot of, but not all of, the weight. It made me wonder if the author had ever been obese herself. Now I realize that my own experience does not make for a statistic. However, I know enough obese people to know that my story is not unique. I had to laugh when the doctor came in with the result of the test just after I had read the last page of the chapter, commended me on the weight loss so far, and told me mine was the first case he'd seen that week where the diagnosis was related to LOSING a lot of weight (I was in the cardiac unit -- since that is where they admitted me). He said he'd seen a lot of people that week who were struggling because they were so obese and NOT because they'd lost weight.

At that point, the author lost a good deal of credibility for me and I shared the story with the doctor. We got a good little laugh.
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