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Tami, I'm sorry to hear that. Stay strong this weekend. You can do it

Nori, good job on diverting a binge! BTW, I saw your exercise goals penciled in in the exercise challenge thread and I think that's a great idea! I might start doing that.

To all those who have been kicking butt in that challenge let me just say that I am so proud of you! Some of your weekly totals are SO impressive! I read it every day and it really helps motivate me to get up and out the door to work out, so THANK YOU.

Amy, I'm sorry to hear about your family's losses.

Well, I weighed in this morning and I'm down .6, which is not a huge loss but I'll take it! DB is down 5 lbs, so I know he's happy.

For some reason I am starving today. I've eaten breakfast and lunch and a snack, so now I'm sitting here with a carrot and I'm going to keep eating carrots until my brain understands that it can't have any more sandwiches or I turn orange. Poor

I also plan on going for a run later tonight. I track my runs on a different site and I've set a goal for October for 40 miles, so if I go out and run 4 days a week then I should be able to do that, and it will be the most I've EVER run.

Which, hopefully, will mean some kind of loss on the scale
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55/100 miles this month!

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