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Yeah, these reality shows are a pretty sad commentary on our whole society in some ways, but that's not to say I'm not a total sucker for them! I was just reading a few articles in New York Mag about Bravo's reality shows, and what happens to the winners (Jay McCarroll from Project Runway, Harold from Top Chef, etc), and it ain't pretty! They pretty much end up selling out or broke. And Bravo kind of owns their souls. And while we all expect them to finish the show and then have people throw money at them, it just doesn't happen, and meanwhile, they've taken 5 months of their lives off of their normal jobs, so they end up kind of screwed (can I use that word here?)

Perhaps if I were a person with stronger principles, I'd stop watching reality TV. But alas...

So anyway, TBL was pretty awesome. I've never really watched it except for catching a marathon here or there, so I'm excited for this season as it is REALLY motivating. Watching them work so hard and then seeing the payoff at then end definitely got me moving yesterday after I watched it online.
And I second the idea that they purposely pick "they'd be so pretty if they lost weight," or "oh, but she has such a pretty face!" types for the show. I also noticed that they didn't really let us get very connected to the green team, as opposed to yellow, for example. And as for Jillian, yeah, I don't feel so good about using a father's demise as motivation to do a jumping jack.
Can't wait for next week!
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