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Well, technically it is safe. It isn't the poison that people make it out to be. It is just that....overly processed corn. That being said, we don't eat food with HFCS....but we also avoid refined white sugar as well. Sure, products without them may cost more, but they are a much higher quality product. I don't want my body filled with overly processed crap and I definitely don't want my children's.

The statement that "high fructose corn syrup" makes us fat is absolute dribble. It is the plate to mouth motion filling up our mouths with overly processed, empty calories that is making us fat. HFCS is ok in moderation, but for the most part - people don't use it in moderation. How many people do we know that drink coke after coke after coke, or better yet, gatorade after gatorade after gatorade (thinking their being healthy by avoiding soda)? Hardly anybody reads labels anymore. Look in the grocery carts surrounding you at the store (I'm a compulsive looker ) - most are filled with soda, snack cakes, and frozen concoctions....hardly any even have a bag of produce.

I know that it goes straight to the liver and alerts the body to store fat - raising cholesterol levels and leading to bigger waistlines....but my point is this: Don't you think that if we just lessened our addiction to sweets and overly processed foods in the first place, this country wouldn't be such a fat place?

There is a huge pandemic sweeping across the country of people that are unable to moderate themselves. Just turn on Discovery Health and watch the shows on 1000 lb. man. He didn't get that way just from eating hfcs. If we looked at it more of a problem with willpower than a problem with what is available (because there is almost always an alternative to a HFCS product - and if not? Don't consume it), I don't think this country would be such a fat place.

100 lbs. down plus a carrot for every 5 more

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