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Morningstar Farms or Boca (I think it's Morningstar, but I could be wrong) have a chicken free buffalo wing, and they're really good too, but they're shaped like chicken nuggets, not wing pieces. As a meat eater, I don't find the texture "could be mistaken for meat," as they have more the texture of a slightly dried, then fried (they're baked) stuffing ,more so than chicken, but the taste and texture were very good, I thought.

They're not really "low-cal," but they are lower in calories and less fatty than "real" chicken nuggets. I'd recommend them even to people who eat meat, because they taste so good. A vegetarian coworker when I was at State Farm, would bring them to food days, and he definitely converted many of us to the Morningstar product line (the "corn dogs" aren't too bad, either).
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