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Default still duking it out

Morning. Congratulations on the new hairdo. There is nothing more immediate and self esteem raising as that new do, that makes you feel like a new person. I LOVE that just out of the stylist feeling.

This relearning process is weird. I was reading on how even if you have a great day you still are prone to binges as a way of bringing yourself back down to earth. To remind yourself that the ED still rules the roost. I reread this passage twice. Why would you purposely sabotage a great mood? I mean I do that but to see it in print it sounds so backwards. I had a great day yesterday and I decided that I wanted the whole day to be great so I got home, took a bath and went to bed.

Belle, I'm glad to hear that things are going well with you. Honestly, I'm horrible on eating out. I tend to eat like a human but I rarely give thought to health. I just try to pick something that hopefully will satisfy me. And try not to eat again until I'm hungry. Sometimes it works and sometimes i fall flat on my face. :-).

Tonight is my first official 5K. Wish me luck. Hopefully it'll get me hooked and then fitness would be my obsession. Take care.
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