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Talking Cross your fingers - doing well!

Don't really know why but appear to not be binging at the moment. Quite wonderful actually, have not stumbled upon cure or anything, maybe just in the centre of the tornado I'm not sure!

My biggest beef this week has been when I'm out and the place I'm eating at has no idea how much fat is in what I want to eat, or what foods are good options. I went to the club for lunch today and was faced with a giant board of food. The woman behind the counter could not tell me whether the vegetarian lasagne or the curry prawns had less fat, had no idea what was in the red wine sauce for the roast beef and apart from telling me not to have anything deep fried (well derr!) was no help of any kind. I know that it's my problem to need to know about the fat not hers but in this day and age (oh no I sound like my mother!) surely with all the health conciousness we have if you sell food, you should know what you put in it!

There, got that off my chest and feel better now.

Take care everyone

Don't fight me for the fat free chips, you will SOOOO lose!

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