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Unhappy Ah yes, the bermuda triangle for food....

We also have aliens who hoover up whole packets of food (never the rice crackers though) at my house. I feel so cross at myself when I do the other night when I made lamb cutlets. I have this major weakness for them, so I don't make them often. If I only had a couple it would be fine. I bake them in the oven with a bbq glaze and as far as these things go if I could stick to having couple I'd be fine. But they're so NICE!

I also have some dramas when I make a pan of slice of some kind (choc caramel or lemon being the top two) and can't stop at one piece. Do you ever do the 'cut just a sliver' action about 20 times and find the slice half gone? I try to buy choc biscuits and other things that are 'nice' that I don't like but sometimes I just want to cook like a normal person and I know I do it well, hence the problem!

Sonny, good luck with all of your surrogate offspring. My oldest son attends youth group (he's 12) and loves it, although I often wonder when I drop him off if the guys running it take valium before we get there - it's bedlam!

One last thing...funny you should say that about me looking younger. I just turned 34 (not that old, right?) and my youngest sister (who almost screamed me deaf over the phone when I told her I'd cut my hair, in a good way) kept telling me over and over how many years it took off me.
Well, then, just how old did I look before!!!

Take care all of you, until next time.

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