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Hi everyone, just thought I would check in before I headed out for the night. Today was an OK day, didn't lose control, but didn't make the best choices either, but nothing devastating. I know better to do certain things, like when I made a pan of spanakopita yesterday (greek spinich pie). I don't make it often and my family likes it. The pan is gone today already, and though my family ate alot, I ate too much. I should know better, but I hate to deprive my family of things they like just so I don't eat them. (sounds like an excuse to me!). Does anyone else have this problem of having things around for the family and then eating all of it. My kids are old enough now to know that a bag of chocolate chips does not disapear on its own . Well, I hope everyone is having a good day. I am off to paint with 80 kids, wish me luck! Take Care.
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