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I don't equate Alternachick with being solely gothic, or punk. Alternative tends to mean anything that isn't the most of us here have alternative interests.

Musically-that might mean everything from death metal, to 80's New Wave, to independent music (and indie music can be anything from a soft spoken folk singer to the hardest music you have ever heard of!).

I personally don't shop at Hot Topic TOO much, because it has sorta become the Wal-Mart of goth high school kids. It's hard to make a statement wearing a black hoodie that 10 people in your high school class have, too.

I am:

~A belly dance performer/instructor by profession.

~I am into sci-fi and fantasy films heavily.

~I moonlight making costumes on the side, specializing in movie replicas.

~A member of the 501st Division ( )

~MARRIED to a member of the 501st.

~I have my nose pierced, and 4 tattoos

~I listen to mainly 80's music, Middle Eastern music, and a touch of folk singer thrown in for good measure-Bob Dylan, Ani Difranco, etc.

~My clothing style is a dash of Middle Eastern, a pinch of black, a cup full of hippie, and a smidgen of bohemian. When I am dressed for comfort-I am usually wearing t-shirts portray my geekdome. I am currently wearing a black t-shirt with the Lambda Lambda Lambda logo on it, for instance. My husband is often seen in his "+20 shirt of smiting" t-shirt.

~I take pride in being intelligent, and I am always researching, reading, and learning new things.

~I am not Christian, but follow Pagan and Native American belief systems. ( I am of Celtic blood, and married to a Native American.)

~My husband and I HATE to go to bars and clubs. We would much rather have a beer or glass of wine at home, and play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit or watch our geeky box set dvds. (X-Files, Northern Exposure, etc.)

Start weight after baby #3: 233.9
Current weight: 143
90 pounds lost!
Ambriehl Saroj
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