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Default Amazzzzzing salad for dinner!

Hey guys!

I just made the most amazingly delicious salad for dinner.

I took a chicken breast (on sale for 3.50 for 6 breasts, woo!) and then I marinated it for half an hour with a clove of garlic and some lime. Then I seared it in the pan with some olive oil until cooked. I cut it in half and used it for my salad, and the other half for lunch tomorrow.

Then I took a bag of mixed Mediterranean greens, a small amount of feta cheese, and yellow peppers.

The best part is though that I had made a bowl of sour cream cucumber salad before hand (cucumbers, low-fat sour cream, just a heaping tablespoon full, some vinegar, salt, pinch of sugar, pepper, and dill) and then I was like hmmmmm, let's dump this on my salad! I put some more red wine vinegar on top too and some pepper and mmmm oh man that was good.

I'm just starting eating healthy again this week and MAN I forgot how DELICIOUS and satisfying and good feeling eating healthy makes you!

I'll use the other half of the chicken to make some chicken salad with a bit of light mayo, celery, apples, and onions and wrap it in a whole grain tortilla. Can't wait!
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