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Originally Posted by mollymom View Post
In the summer when I am not tied to work schedules, I get to waken with the sun. I have huge east facing windows with just lace curtains in my bedroom. I have read that there are "dawn alarm clock" that begin to brighten the bedroom gradually so you get the same senstion of waking "with the sun" not to the dark, dismal realities of 6:30 AM in December.

Has anyone used one of these? How did you find them...did they help? Where can I order one.

In my next life I wanna be a bear..go to bed in November with sign on butt that says "Disturb me before April at your own risk"~ LOL
I LOVE my sadelite. I've had it about 13-14 years and have yet to change the original bulb!! They last and last!! I start using it in Oct and do til March. I cannot believe the difference it makes for me. Even my husband has started using it.

In Canada (I see you are in Ontario.. I'm in Manitoba) you can read more about them and order them from I have the one called "Sadelite". I'm thinking very hard about a travel one as I am on the road with my job so much.

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