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I *LOVE* winter, bc I love the cold weather -- there's nothing better than a crisp, dry winter day with the sun out in force. Mmmm....

I experience some symptoms of SAD in November -- my workload increases and I'm basically indoors, in a windowless office from sun up to sun down all day 6 days a week. I get zero sunlight (and I'm not a big fan of the sun, so if I'm missing it, you know I'm getting ZERO). The only thing that helps me stay somewhat sane is to go outside regardless of how cold it is. I mean, I LIKE the cold so this might be easier for me than for you, but I still take walks, leave the office and walk around for 10 - 15 mins., etc. even if it's 20 degrees outside. Even walking from one place to another is better than just being inside ALL THE TIME. I also keep my windows somewhat open, even if it's cold. I find fresh air is SO important and that the air during the winter seems so fresh and clean, I love letting it in my house a bit.

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