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Some one correct me if I'm wrong... but I thought the body can't absorb more than (approx.) 30 gms of protein in one meal / sitting ???
Nooooo ... where'd you hear that? Hah. On second thought, I probably don't wanna know!

There's no reason your body can't absorb far more protein in one meal. Depending on how *used* you are to it, it's possible for protein loading to make you sick at first - your body isn't USED to having that much protein. But it's kinda the same thing as ... oh, I dunno. Eating a bag of chips? Or even eating a pound of fresh fruit at one sitting. Your body rebels against what it's not used to. But if you adapt to it, then it becomes natural.

Some people never have that response. My body took to getting more protein beautifully - it really changed my eating patterns a lot.

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