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Talking Gorgeous gorgeous girls!

Thankyou for such legendary support guys. You are so right Runnergirl when you say not to eat your feelings. I think by now just about everyone has seen my feelings on the page firsthand, but sometimes they still get the better of me!

I did dust myself off and head out to the BBQ. I didn't check out every mouthful I ate but it wasn't the focus of my entire afternoon either, which was great. We chased the little ones all over the beach and crash tackled the dog to stop her eating rotten dead things on the shore line!

Bigger news (for me anyway), I cut off my hair.

I have had long hair (and hidden behind it) long enough to sit on for about 20 years, now its shoulder length, I had highlights and feel just like a new woman. (If only that Alien ship with the painless fat sucking machine would fly by, things would be perfect!) I had always said 'when I lose the weight (yeah yeah only said it about a thousand times) I will cut my hair.'

I'm glad I stopped waiting to deserve this and just did it, I feel fantastic. Only one little problem, in my head at least, my long hair sort of drew attention away from my butt...oops now even I can see how it sticks out..this could be a good thing though. Instead of getting new hair because my body looks great, maybe I'll have to work on the body to match the hair!

Being able to communicate with you guys has been such a boost, and meant so much to me. My husband is heading overseas for work in a weeks time for 5 weeks, the last time he was away for 3 and I put on 18 pounds. I was really frightened about how I was going to cope but not now.

Like we all say, we can do this.

Good luck to all of you, from the bottom of my heart

Don't fight me for the fat free chips, you will SOOOO lose!

Wanting a new waistline for 2003
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