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Name: Andi

General location: Nebraska

Occupation: Stock Broker

Birthday: June 16th

Marital status: Married

Children/grandchildren: 1 son

How long have you been on WW/Flex: this is my 1st day

How much weight do you hope to lose: about 60 pounds

What do you do for exercise: swim, boot camp, treadmill, weights

What foods help you stay OP: ummmm Vanilla yogurt & fresh fruit

Why do you think you'll be successful this time: because I have a great support system (doing the Weight Watchers @ Work program)

What is the biggest obstacle between you and success: finishing what I've started... getting to that comfortable weight where I can't seem to lose anymore and just maintaining which is why I joined WW cause I found that weight at my current weight and I need to get over it.

How will/did you overcome this obstacle: I am in the process of overcoming it by joining WW and also coming here to get the support of this wonderful community!

What do you like to do for fun: spend time with my hubby and our son, photography, watching & playing sports

What type of music do you like best? it really depends on the mood I'm in...

If you were on a deserted island for a month, by yourself, what 3 (only 3) items (not people) would you want with you? my iPod, my cell phone cause of course I will have cell service there , laptop with internet access cause of course there will be wireless internet on this deserted island!

Other comments: looking forward to what this section of 3FC has to offer and what I can offer it!
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