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Belle, we can do this. You can do it, I can do it, and everyone else can do it also. I will be 40 in 6 months. I have said I will beat this before my 40th birthday and that date will be here before you know it, so you are a good 5 years ahead of me. Don't obsess tomarrow on your birthday, take the day and enjoy yourself, it will probably do you a world of good.

On the way to the computer I passed the scale and I just thought "I am so sick of you". "I think I will put you in the closet and forget all about you". But, I know I won't.

We have to learn to control this disorder and not let it control us. I am even thinking of calling the pychologist I saw several years ago, to help me cope with things in my life so I don't use food to cover my feelings.

I hope you have a great birthday Belle, I wish I was just turning 35! You have the determination to beat this, I can tell (with the spitting and all that). I believe in you. Happy Birthday .
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