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Right, this is it. I just got up from the feedbag Iand I really, really don't want to spend one more birthday feeling sorry for myself. I'm 34 tomorrow, and I don't want to hit 35 with the same old same old hanging around my neck (or around my thighs for that matter!)

I will not medicate myself with food anymore. I know I have said similar things in the past but tonight I really mean it.

No seriously, I really do. No more half hearted attempts. No more being afraid of going out because there might be (shock horror) food there! No more scheduling my life around what I can and can't eat and no more deprivation, stressing about menu choices or binging. No more. I wanna get off this ride. I'm so angry I could spit. But spitting is really vile so I'll let the steam coming out of my ears do the job for me. I con't know what happened to me today but by goodness I'm fired up...

Watch me go! (or lose as the case may be!)

Talk soon - We can do this, we can all do this I swear!

Don't fight me for the fat free chips, you will SOOOO lose!

Wanting a new waistline for 2003
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