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I read Rethinking Thin shortly after I passed 100 lbs lost. So I'm just going to ramble my thoughts.

I completly agree that being overweight/obese is unacceptable in our society. I have been overweight since kindegarden -- and have really struggled with loving myself the way I am, as an overweight person. Everything around me has always told me it was unacceptable to look the way I did.

I didnt realize I experienced prejudice as a fat person until I left morbid obesity -- I noticed the biggest difference with in my daily interactions. Taking my car to the garage, buying groceries, just dealing with the general public -- they were smiling, chatting me up and even flirting. Now I struggle with my own prejudice against the fat people in my family -- who give me excuses while asking for help.

I have nothing new to say on the other stuff. It's just great to keep this stuff in the back of my mind. My biggest prejudice has been against myself - and it still is. I know how to lose weight, but I need to learn how to stop being prejudice against myself as a former morbidly obese person. And accept all people as they are!

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