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Some of you are going to call me crazy. Some of you are going to call me a liar. I have been on the verge of posting my story several times, and have always canceled it at the last minute. I assure you, I am neither crazy, nor a liar. So, here goes. I have always had a hearty appetite. I have always been able to eat much more than most people around me. I was always, for the most part, in relatively good shape. Such was the case when I met my ex husband. He was charming, attentive, loving, adventurous, everything I wanted in a man. We spent several years together in absolute bliss. Then, one day, after a very long story that I won't go into here, I found myself trapped by him. I mean completely under his thumb, with no positive means of escape. He began to regularly commit serious acts of emotional violence against me. I began to get fat. Nothing else in my life had changed. I ate the same, exercised the same, there was nothing at all I could point to that was different, except for the fact that my knight in shining armor had turned into my biggest nightmare. I spent eight years like this. Occasionally I would try to diet or exercise more, but it was really to no avail. Nothing would change. A little over a year ago, the one thing that was really keeping me trapped changed, and was no more. There were other barriers to me getting out immediately, but I did begin to see the light at the end of my tunnel, I knew I was almost done with this sorry -expletives deleted- excuse of a man. And my weight began to drop. With no changes and no effort on my part. I didn't lose water weight, I didn't just have hormonal fluctuations (those are things that other people have said to me when I related this story) I dropped from a size 26 to an 18 and the only thing that changed was getting rid of all that emotional baggage. (My mother always jokes: You got rid of the 200 pounds of ugly fat and he took another 75 or so with him!) It has just been in the past few months that I have actually started really consciously trying to take off weight. (I quit smoking too, so I'm really not losing weight right now) Do I believe that weight loss is simple mathematics and an equation of calories in vs. calories out? NOPE. I'm living proof of that. I don't know if there is some definable physiological relationship between stress and excess weight, but I do know that stress made me fat, and losing that stress is getting me thin again. As far as a set point? I don't know, but it does make sense as some people can eat like horses and be remarkably thin whereas others eat like birds and can't lose a pound. Personally, I'm hoping my set point is around 140!
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