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Default Um, well, aahh

Combat my urge, last night no I didn't. I went the most mental in fact that I have for some time. I just can't bring myself to write the whole list as it is too massive but suffice to say it was a LOT!

I feel dreadful today as I have a fat hangover of massive proportions and I feel like the goodyear blimp. I am supposed to go to a BBQ today, all of us are a little stir crazy as it is school holidays, beautiful weather, and the boys have been sick one after the other for the last three days. Hating hating hating my weakness...but I know I just have to get up and start again - frankly I would rather have root canal.

But I know what I have to do instead. Get up , dust off, get ready in my too tight pants for that BBQ and get going. It doesn't help that I have that time of the month as well (some days are diamonds, some days are stale donuts).

Oh well, things can only look up from here.

Take care everyone

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