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These are things I have been noticing over recent weeks. Today I am focusing on positives, on the progress I have made, in order to erase the effects of a stupid comment made to me yesterday. I have come up with awesome evidence of the changes I am making!

-This is both a SV and an NSV: At 191, my BMI officially puts me into the "overweight" category, and no longer "obese." [191 is an unofficial weight, as it's something I see at home today but it is not official until I see it Saturday at my meeting.]
-My jeans are getting ridiculously large on me. (My dress pants, sadly, are still fitting fine.)
-I am down another belt notch.
-My engagement ring is the only thing securing my wedding band to my finger, otherwise it would slide off (my engagement ring is a size smaller than the wedding band, a testament to how much I gained over the course of my two-year engagement).
-I had to get my glasses adjusted because they kept sliding off my slimmer face (this was a funny NSV to discover).
-I can run for 7 minutes without stopping!
-Exercise (wogging) truly has become part of my weekly routine. It is not a chore, I do not dread it - I really do enjoy it, even when it means I may encounter jerkwads who call people names

That's enough for now. I'm pretty dang proud of myself.
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