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Ya, it's hard where I work because I work in entertainment...there is always food, there is always a party, there is always alcohol, it is always free. That is the mindset...any excuse for lunch or sweets is a good excuse. I am always going to a show and a post show schmooze party...I'm always taking someone to lunch, someone is always sending us treats, someone is always making treats, it's a birthday or we have a meeting....biggest culprits there are frozen hot chocolates and ice cream sandwiches.There is no point in trying to combat what the handful of us bring into the office, because when no one is bringing stuff in someone is sending us something! Just on Friday I got a 'thank you' package from someone I got some tickets for....the card and pictures were lovely and said it all...but it came with a big Red Sox themed cup full of candy! I'm not even opening it.

I try not to keep anything in my office space and avoid visiting people in 'the chocolate rooms', I'm now keeping fruit and dried fruit and nuts on my desk, a bowl of individually wrapped hard candies for guests...because those I don't eat cause they hurt my teeth. At the end of the day what it needs to come down to for me is sheer willpower. I love my job, I love what I do, leaving is not an option...I'm working on accepting that the food is not going away and I just need to get out of the routine of eating it. Be mindful of dipping into the chocolate bowl, eat dinner before our shows at the office and drink water or diet coke out after. Make smart choices and stick to them (so much easier said than done!)

Today I came in and in our little kitchen is a massive tub of cookies...and not the good ones that someone took the time to make....a big tub of grocery store cookies. Really looking at them and thinking about them I have no interest in them...the home made ones are tough but the dried up store ones...not worth it. I'm not in a position where I can throw anything away...there are people who do enjoy it...and when one of them is the company president and you are in a small office with only 15 people you don't throw out the cookies.

My latest method of protest... well the garden is in bloom and I've got more tomatoes than I know what to do with. I left a big bowl of tomatoes and fresh picked blueberries for the taking next to the cookies.
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