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The Pantry Barn Dance, huh? Catchy little dance I didn't even know I was a pro at. It is so the truth though. It is funny how so many of us do the same things. Today was an OK day so far. OK for someone like me. Should I be honest here? I had a candy bar before 8am and a glass of orange juice. Then I took my daughter to Olive Garden for lunch, (her birthday) and had ravioli stuffed with portabella mushrooms, salad and a breadstick (and since we are being honest, a glass of White Zinfadel). Now I probably won't eat until cake tonight. Right now I am full and satisfied. But who knows what will happen later. On days I work I drink Slimfast (the chocolate, of course) to try to keep myself under control. Some days it works, others it doesn't. My daughter turned 13 today, and I am feeling a little old with her going into her teen years. I am taking her for a manicure in a few minutes but I just wanted to say Hello to everyone who is lurking. I hope you combatted your urge Belle, and for everyone else please feel post and share your stories, concerns, frustrations or whatever else will help you be strong. Take Care.

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