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Talking The Doctor is IN!

Well it must be a positive change from medicating ourselves with food to giving eachother free therapy! You made me laugh out loud - a great sense of humour is crucial to world survival.

I wonder if you (or anyone else for that matter) does the pantry barn dance?

Easy steps, goes a little something like this..

Heel and toe, heel and toe out to the kitchen off we go
Poke to the left and poke to the right,
exit out and turn off the light,
but wait on there must be more,
Quick open up the pantry door
Still nothin' good but don't depair
Take another look there must be somethin there
Still nothing there, check out the cooler
Thought I'd find somethin' good much sooner
So turn around and count to ten
And start the whole darn thing again!

I try so hard to stay out of the kitchen after dinner (my worst time) but sometimes the siren song of the leftover lasagne or the call of the chocolate frogs is too much to bear. But trying now, as I am, to talk myself out of a binge (and lets face it when you have to binge what you actually cram down the gullet is mostly irrelevant) and looking as I am at MY therapy session I see that I can combat my urge (just for tonight perhaps) just knowing that I am not the only one.

By the way Sonny, Australia is a truly beautiful country. I live on the coast, we swim from October to March and the weather is wonderful. A couple of hours away are the blue mountains (you may have heard of the three sisters?) where it snows just enough to build a snowman if you are lucky once a year!

Thanks for listening guys, and good luck to all of you. Anyone who needs to - vent away - isn't that what we all come here for?

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