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Belle, if I knew how to combat that, I would be a millionaire and I wouldn't be posting in this forum . I try to keep an upbeat and positive attitude also. I try to live every day hour to hour. If I eat something which wasn't a very good food choice, I don't let it set the tone for the whole day. Hour to hour. As far as the "primal urge to feed" (great term) I wish I knew how to stop it. I think that some day when things in my life change I will be OK. Until then, I keep squashing my real feelings (or lack of) with food. I have needs that are not being met and food is my way of filling those gaps. I know this and I have to learn how to change my coping mechanisms. I have come a long way, I don't purge anymore and I don't BINGE massive amounts of food, but I do overeat. I eat alot of chocolate (raises my seratonin level). Oh my gosh, I just reread my post and it sounds like I am talking to a thereapist. Should I call you Dr. Belle, and by the way how much do you charge? Thanks for letting me vent. If you have a good support system at home you will do great. You sound like you are really making a plan and I know you will succeed. This can be overcome. You can beat it. We will not be living like this forever.
Take care, it must be wonderful to live in Australia. That is one place I would love to visit some day!
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