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S/C/G: 154/140/ undecided 129ish ?

Height: 5.6


i use a perdomiter and it is timed my steps taken + distance walks the walks them selves are about 6miles each so works out about 2.5ishmph- near3mph however obviously i do other things during the day that has taken them up like speedy walks to the shops or just down to pick up things for my mum just genrally doing errands leading to my total. (btw its a weight watchers perdometer ) so that kicks it up to the 7 mils i belive. ....i have tried just walking 45 mins but i dont find it challenging enough nor feel i am doing enough however i do not wish to run as i am not good at it.Luckly my trainers are quite good

I would also like ot point out this is a planned route which it ake its about 3 miles eahc time maybe a little bit more and one stretch of it is a railway track with designated 1/4 mile signs which when i walk corrosponds with what my perdometer is saying. Not only thing but i am not really doing it for the calories burned more just because walking calms me down and it is nice to get my fat bum doing something that is not just sitting being misrable or eating food.

friggin relapse starting all over again + more

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