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Default Hello!

Hi everyone!
It seems we are the only ones here so far, but hope more come in and post with us soon.

Gosh this summer has been such a busy one for us, first going to New Orleans and than we all went to Gatlinburg, the whole family. Both of my daughters, Kelly and Tracy, and their husbands and their baby boys went as well as my 2 sons, Dan and Alan, and Alan's girlfriend too. We had a great time there, stayed in a 3 bedroom timeshare in Sieverville and did so many things, went to the aquarium, Parrot Mountain and saw all the birds there that we could actually hold and even went to play Black Light miniature golf too. We just enjoyed being a family and doing things together, the timeshare had a great pool, hot tub and kiddy pool too for the little boys, Tyler and Brandon. I love eating out much of the time, I love to cook but not so much when we are going all the time. It was a nice break for us. We have not been on a family vacation since the kids were much younger and that usually consisted of camping with our pop up camper, which was so much fun too.

Where did this summer go? It seems to be flying by doesn't it. August is here and before you know it fall will be too. Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. I am looking forward to just not going so much, we are going to Michigan this weekend, we are moving Ken's Mom to an assisted living facility. She is slowing down now, she is almost 87 and has been in and out of the hospital, first with a blood clot, that they did surgery on and than she fell down and couldn't get up. She is currently in a first floor apartment about 6 blocks away from Ken's younger brother and his family. But this will be nice, she will have her own room and nurses and staff to check on her and she won't have to cook either and she will make new friends. So we have lots to do this weekend to clear her out of her apt. The family has already moved her to the facility and we just have to get the rest of her stuff moved into Don's garage awaiting a garage sale to help her out. Ken and I will be taking two cars so I can go over to Chrissy's, my sister in law, cause her daughter, Emily had a baby boy, little Dominick a few months ago, I have never seen him yet, but they are having a christening for him on Sunday and I wouldn't miss this. So Ken will go back Sunday night and I think I will stay a few days during the week more to see my family. I haven't seen my Dad, Papa since the spring sometime and I want to spend some time with him too. I am leaving it open when I am coming back. But this way I will be able to see both sides of the family.

How is everyone doing?

Jo-I am with you, I am hoping to have more faces in here too, either previous Wannabee's or new ones too. All we can do is keep on posting and hope some lurkers join our merry group. I am glad your Memorial Service for your Dad went well. I know that is so hard, I remember my Mom's and my two brothers, but I know having your family there with you really helps doesn't it? I am glad your Mom has your brother living with her, that has got to help her out to have him there with all of this going on. So how did it go with your future mother in lawl when she came for the service? I hope it went well and your didn't stress yourself out over it. Have a good vacation with your family and post when you get back and let us know how it went and how your Mom is doing as well. She is a lucky Mom to have someone like you for a daughter. See everyone loves you Jo!

Kim-Gosh you have been a busy lady with all of those interviews and I know you are torn as to where you want to work, but you will make the decision that is right for you. I know there are so many pros and cons to the jobs, but maybe the job you choose will lead to a permenate position with a good company, especially the big accounting company, they sound like they have all kinds of connections with other companies as well. The FEMA job sounds like it would help you out better financially too, it is just I think a bit far for you to drive, but you can do it and the money will be good, especially the overtime $ you will make working there. It will be good experience too, no matter which of the jobs you decide to take. Yes, I sure know about all of that traffic over there. When I was working those area's, going to all the schools for accessing the children I drove in those areas many times and geeze louise the traffic is nuts there, especially in Castleton anf Fishers, didn't go to Noblesville, but so much of Indy area traffic is crazy.

OK guys, hope to hear from more ladies or gentleman even soon. We would love to have any oldies or newbies too aboard.

Talk to you later, Love you, Sassy Sharon
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