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Thank you all for the warm welcome. Like the name of Pounds Goin' Down, Spirits Goin' Up. I do believe, it's just not the pounds going down, but in order to shed weight we must adhere to healthy low fat/low cal foods and exercise.....that alone will lift anyone's spirit. Put weight loss on top of that...and well, it just doesn't get much better than that.

Weight Watchers Weigh in was a 2.6# loss this past week, and not only did I make the 50# weight loss was 52# woohoo!

Take my measurements once a month, and have shown the biggest loss in my waist. Well, let's put it this way....I am beginning to show signs of having a waist now.

Had my sister over for lunch Saturday, and made the Chocolate Angel Food Cake, from the receipe section on this site. It was absolutely awesome! I'm 56 and have done a lot of baking in my time, but this is the first time I ever made a cake from scratch or bought "cake flour". It was fun. I sent most of the cake home with her as I live alone. I topped the cake with a concoction I make, FF Cool Whip(8oz) and 1/2 pkg of Fat&Sugar Free Instant Chocolate pudding (small size) and added another teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder. It's more like mousse and also very low cal/and fat under 1gm/no sugar or sweetner.

Need to get more motivated with walking/exercising. Always put it off until later (most days), and find myself getting ready for bed and no exercise for the day other than the usual housework, etc.

Congratulations to (didn't write down your name) on your colt, and so sorry to hear about your dog.

Whoever knitted the sweater it's really pretty, I dont knit but do crochet.

Getting late and best be signing off.

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