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Exclamation Childrens Birthday Carnage

Oh my goodness, here we go again. After almost a week of feeling in control and eating normally the binge monster (great term Shari by the way) is on its merry path, trampling hapless villagers and small townships in it's wake.

That said, it's not as bad as it could have been. I fully inhaled most of the remains of the DONUT BIRTHDAY CAKE (am I insane for buying it, well probably) but because everyone just loves donut cake (my cunning plan) not a whole lot was left over. I had it at one of those children bolt around on play equipment while mothers chat and someone else does the work places. And there are no leftover party pies or cocktail franks to scoff after lights out that night.

However I think I ate quite a bit more than I intended (as you do) and then this afternoon had the old thoughts 'you stuffed it up anyway lets check out the pantry' etc and began patrolling the kitchen. I managed to only eat a leftover piece of quiche and a glass of diet coke (that is actually excellent for me) and hubby and the boys are making dinner (low fat of course).

Maybe the journalling could work for all of us. I'm going to try it this week. Thankyou Shari
In fact, thankyou everyone for talking about all of this and helping the lot of us to see how many of us share this problem. Just like a big group counselling session!

Last thing, I finally asked my husband not to ask me if I want snacks when he is on the way home from work. At least if I binge now it will mainly have to be on healthy food! My big fall downs are thick butter like cheese (on toast, bread or crackers) or dip and corn chips - and you?

Good luck battling the demons within!
Congratulations for trying as much as you can.

Don't fight me for the fat free chips, you will SOOOO lose!

Wanting a new waistline for 2003

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