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Hey ladies...I have been away but you are right. This thread definately contains the only signs of life on WW 100. I can't say I've been the OP queen during this time away but with some stress at work (I am searching for a new job...have an interview coming up in fact) I am at least proud to say I have maintained my weight and not gone the completely wrong direction. I have resisted joining WW officially but am slowly buckling and thinking its the only way. I went shopping tonight for an "interview outfit" and am discouraged as I write this.

Ultimately I would like to lose about 100 on the nose, size 14/16 is so much better than size 24...I can live with not being a perfect 8. (Also I happen to agree..CJ Banks is a kickin' place to shop for casual to moderately dressy clothing).

Anyway wanted to poke my head in as I try once again to kick this fat to the curb. I am thinking that Thursdays will be my day for meetings as that is a day I am probably going to have better luck requesting to not work the night shift.

I've rambled enough LOL...
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