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I seldom overeat out of actual hunger. I do get hungry around 11:30 (lunch time for me) and again at around 3:30 - 4 p.m. (snack time). I eat the same healthy lunch in my car every day and I used to eat a pastry and tea at snack time.

I was satisfied after lunch and ridiculously hungry about 1 hour after snack time. The sugar/fat caffeine combo just turned my appetite ON! Now I have a hard-boiled egg and a handful of carrots or grape tomatoes and I'm fine til dinner.

My hunger seems directly related to the type of food I eat.

I did do an experiment from the Beck diet book and went without food for 8 hours, to prove that I could be hungry and not go on a binge. I still do this sometimes on the weekends when my energy levels don't have to remain up.

My DH says he is always hungry. He sometimes doesn't eat all day and then he just goes for it! He eats dinner and doesn't stop until bedtime about 4-5 hours later. Usually, when I'm making three meals and get him to eat them he's much less likely to eat out of hunger in the evening. He does have to have a snack before bed or he wakes up in the middle of the night and has to eat.

The two of us have very different hunger drives and different saiety factors.

I think each person has these and they have to devise their own controls after some experimentation. That's what dieting and weight control are about yes? Experimenting until you get the right combinations of food/exercise to lose or maintain for your very individual body and appetite.


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