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What about women who are thin until they get pregnant? Some of them just can't seem to take the weight off after the baby comes and keep putting on more weight with each subsequent baby. Surely it's not in their genetic code to become obese due to pregnancy?

I think it's a combo of nature and nurture, (genetics and cultural influences). Otherwise we assume the role of passive victims of something which is beyond us to change.

Is the regaining of the weight because we are genetically predisposed or is it because we took it off too fast in the first place and with eating styles unnatural to us?

Of course I'm just shootin' my mouth off here as my goal weight was 17 lbs. less than my "fat" weight. I'd have to eat my way up to about 200 lbs. and then take it off and keep it off to be such a smarty pants.

I wonder how many people in 3FC's maintenance forum have kept the weight off for over 2 years? And how much they are struggling?


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